Always Marketing…

I ran across this great post from Seth Godin as I was reading today.

He talks of how he observed a dinner where a speaker was standing in front of a highly disengaged group of people.

I thought he was going to make a point about the ‘speaker’. Yet in a complete 180, he says the audience was “marketing themselves to the speaker as uninterested, tired and hard to reach.”

He turned the tables on me in this short story…and made me think.

How do I come across to people? To potential clients? To clients I already serve?

Do I act uninterested in them, or how I present myself to them?

Could it cost me a future relationship because I come wearing baggy beaten up faded jeans, Superman t-shirt and flip flops to the studio instead of looking more presentable – like I really care!?! (and I should)

Godin’s point : “We are always marketing”

This was a great reminder for me, being in a business where I am not always seen, but still able to make a positive or negative impression.


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