The 12 (+2) Links of Christmas

As a fun Challenge to myself, I wanted to see if I could actually give “link love” 12 times in this post – and still have the post make sense!! – Merry Christmas!

(I originally titled this post “Getting Things Done With My Voice”)  

After several metaphorical “taps on the sholulder” from the likes of Karen Commins blog, Rodney Saulsberry’s Podcast on, and David Bourguois’ podcast from, plus the conversation between Peter O’Connell and Tim Mclaughlin, as well, I decided to sit down and do some thinking and planning for 2008.


I have stumbled in and out of David Allen’s method of organizing and time management called “Getting Things Done” a couple of times in the recent past. I read the book, read the follow up book…and can keep the process going for about 2 weeks. Then I usually bail, or forget something that is involved and the whole system falls apart.


I wanted to sum up the whole GTD philosophy, but not ALL of it is applicable here. If you want, you can read about Getting Things Done yourself.


I got a new notebook like David Boureuios and Karen Commins suggested


Right now, I have these labels:




-Follow Up

-Misc. Ideas

As I was starting the  process for  this coming year, I noticed some similarities between what I had  heard and been reading, and the GTD philosophy.

The GTD similarity, is that each tab represent a different ‘list’… with the premise of

  1. being able to get everything out of your head and on to paper, and
  2. determining what you have time to accomplish on each list


A couple differences :

I don’t have a “current projects” list…

As I think about this, I realize, as Harlan Hogan says in his book, that “the work of voice work is getting the work.”


This new notebook for notes, thoughts and ideas has a lot to do with “marketing” and “pursuing” the jobs…(ie. “getting the work”)…and not a lot to do with the actual “Voice Work”…and I think that explains the lack of “current projects” list – at this point and time.

Also, I do not have a Calendar in this book. I think I will stick with Google Calendar for now.

Perhaps in my “Goals” section, I will also use that as a “Next Action” list (like GTD suggests)

I am early in the process here, so there will be glitches and reworks as I continue to plan for 2008 – I am sure!

Are you taking the time to do some planning for next year? I would love to hear your thoughts about what your process is… Do you incorporate any more of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” philosophy to Voice Work? How so? I think that could be an interesting conversation!

(I ended up with 14 different links…if you were keeping track at home!)


4 responses to “The 12 (+2) Links of Christmas

  1. Stu –

    I got a friend of mine who is a great fan of Google calendar so that might be a good resources for you.

    You need to figure out which tools YOU are comfortable with, the ones you’ll stick with, and use them well.

    Merry Christmas,
    – Peter

  2. Peter –

    Thanks for the comment – I appreciate the feedback!!!

    Hope you had a great Christmas too!


  3. Hi, Stu! Thanks for the link in a most interesting post! I also have read David Allen’s book. I adopted his methods for filing documents; I don’t always do so well with the other things, like handling mail (especially e-mail) once! 🙂 Organization and planning are important because, through those activities, you get a clear vision of your goals and then make conscious decisions of whether your activities progress or hamper those goals. Your plan will be ever-evolving, but that’s half the fun of it!

    Best wishes for your continued success in 2008 and beyond!

    Karen Commins

  4. Hey Karen –

    Thanks for the comment! And great thoughts!

    With the GTD system, I forget the weekly review…most weeks…email has gotten better, but not great!!

    Talk to you soon –


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