The Voice Academy

I was turned on to this link over the weekend…Voice Academy

If you click on “Start Exploring,” and go the the main office for orientation, you can use your ‘hall pass’ to go around to the auditorium (for examples of how actors train their voices), science center (the science of how our voices work), teachers lounge (latest research on voice and overuse), gymnasium (keeping your voice strong and healthy), ladies room (hormones and voice!), classrooms (examples of acoustically friendly and unfriendly rooms) and more!

Its a website for teachers, and I haven’t spent much time there, but it did look interesting!


4 responses to “The Voice Academy

  1. Hi Stu, Nice to come across your blog and website this afternoon. Thanks for the blog link! Well, our three kids are back in school this week but it was a great 2-week break for our family. I did a local online tutorial for the local school district and last month and look forward to more projects with them. I actually worked with educators across North America from ’97 – ’02 at My old high school counsellor started that company. His (Doug Manning)creative juices now flow here:
    …just what you need: MORE reading material:)


  2. Stu,

    Good stuff. Thanks for posting this!

    Be well,

  3. Ralph –

    Thanks for the comment and the extra reading material!!!


  4. Bob –

    You’re welcome – I thought it was pretty cool after looking thru it – I appreciate the comment!


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