No More Job Titles!

I just read a GREAT article about putting Job Titles to Death!! (It’s not the most relevant thing to VoiceActing, but it really resonates with me!)

The building where I spend lots of my work time is really into “titles”. I have had a couple in the 3+ years that I have been there.

The last round of “What’s your title?” was really interesting.

2007 was a year of changed responsibilities for me around the place…and instead of having something formal … “director of”…”manager of”…”officer of”…”deputy to the chief of”… 

I just wanted to be “Creative Guy“. (mainly because its shorter than all the other formal titles. And I wanted to see what reaction I got when the company directory came out.)

 Unfortunately that didn’t fly.

So, back the point…this whole concept of “not having a title” but “saying what you do and who you are”…I love it!!!

Its the reason I chose The Creative Mouthpiece for this Blog!

Go read the article. Here’s the post where it all originated.

Some of my faves:

Pixelardo da Vinci


Head Brother In Charge of Chat



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