Be Aware That It Won’t Happen Overnight…

A couple days back, I blogged about a book I was reading that suggested some questions to ask other VO talent for Voice Over Success.

I threw out a couple questions to some fellow VO peeps, and Joe Szymanski was the first to bite!

Here are some quick bits from his post on Success:

…everything in your life needs to be in it’s proper order. I’m finding more and more that when things are neglected (like workout time, family time, spiritual renewal time, etc) and replaced with work, work and more work, the balance gets out of wack and you actually end up doing more harm than good…

…Be sure you want it… then go after it with all you’ve got…

 …There are some serious high highs and low lows and if you’re shooting for the top, which you should be, prepare to invest a lot of time and a considerable amount of money getting where you want to go…

…Ok, so we’re not exactly rescuing babies from burning buildings or anything. But there is a unique set of challenges that only exist in VO…

Thanks Joe for your thoughts!

Check out the rest of Joe’s thoughts here!


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