Improve More Today Than I Improved Yesterday

I was reading a post over at ProBlogger Called The Greatest Blogging Skill.

Its an interesting read. The big question was:

What skill enables you to become a better blogger?

Meta-Improvement. Which means…not just improvement, but more improvement than you had yesterday.

Improving on your improvement!

Its interesting to think about in terms of Voice Acting.

Easton suggests 3 skills one should have:

Self Awareness: What do you do to improve, how can you improve quicker? Thinking about how you improve.

Focus: Pick one element that you want to focus on, and keep tabs on it til it is licked.

Relentlessness: Never give up. Never Surrender! (Thanks Galaxy Quest!)

I thought it was an interesting concept for Blogging, and for Voice Over work.

What am I doing today that is better than I did yesterday?

Am I aware of how to improve, Who to call for insight, how to build my brand, who I need to be listening to…and am I applying that knowledge quickly?

What ONE thing can I improve right now? How can I keep the focus until it really is stellar?

Meta Improvement. Interesting stuff – Check out the post on ProBlogger.


2 responses to “Improve More Today Than I Improved Yesterday

  1. Glad you liked the post, Stu! Here’s to your meta-improvement.

  2. Easton!

    Thanks for the comment.

    And I blew it! I credited Darren Rowse with the blog – but it was yours! I apologize…and am going to fix it!!!


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