Cleaning your House Before a Big Trip


My family is getting ready for a road trip.


A pretty big one as a matter of fact.


We are driving across the country for a big family get together. (more details later in the week – I don’t want to give it away if family happen to be reading 🙂


I am pretty excited about the possibilty of taking my VO equipment on the road and testing it out to see how it sounds in random hotel rooms across the midwest! This will be the first time that I have the setup to actually try it out.


But back to the point of my post.


There is a “phenomena” that happens in our house before any extended time away. And I don’t know if it is a common occurence amongst families, and/or those who travel alot.


Here is what happens:


We clean the house like there is NO TOMORROW! Or like the President (or some other high falutin’ celebrity) is coming to visit!


We rush around doing all the laundry, cleaning every nook and cranny, dusting, mopping, vacumming, sorting, folding, stacking, shuffling, various kibitizing until… Spotless.




To me this makes no sense.


I don’t know if this is something in the genetic coding of the Redhead (my wife), or if it is genetic coding for women in general.


I just don’t understand!!!!


One response to “Cleaning your House Before a Big Trip

  1. You’re not alone, Stu! My wife is all about this odd style of housekeeping too. She claims there’s something about coming home to a mess that’s just really depressing. I tell her just think how much more depressing it would be coming home to a cardboard box down on main street. I mean, let’s put things in perspective here! 🙂 That’s usually about the time she smacks me.

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