Live from a Closet in Little Rock

As we were scrambling to leave the house today for our cross country trek, I get a call on the handy dandy cellular.

It played out a little like this:


She: Stu, Whats your availability for some audio?

Me: Well, I’m travelling the next couple days, but am taking the equipment with me.

She: Allright, I’ll send your audio to the client. We’ll see what happens.



About three hours later, just east of Memphis, I get a Voicemail.


She: Stu, your the voice they want. Call to confirm!


So I called. And I got a script in the Email.


She: When are you going to voice tonight?

Me: Between 7 and 8 central from wherever we bed down for the night. ( I didn’t really say bed down for the night, but it does make it sound more like a grand adventure thru the Wild Wild West)


So, from a closet filled with pillows ( I don’t have Harlan Hogan’s Fab Contraption…Yet) I voiced my first project ‘On the Road’.




We’ll see how they like it tomorrow!


3 responses to “Live from a Closet in Little Rock

  1. Congrats Stu! Seems like a cardinal rule of voiceover that if you plan on going on vacation, plan on either missing a job or doing the job in a dark closet. 🙂

  2. Stu,

    Welcome to the world of voiceover on the road. It can certainly make life interesting. A few weeks ago I had to record a long voiceover in a hotel room right next to the pool. Made for some very late night recording and strange sleep patterns, but we got it all done.

    Be well,

  3. I ended up two nights in the closet! Again in Amarillo Texas!

    Thanks guys for the comments. And here’s to many nights recording next to pools and in closets!


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