Tell ’em You’re Gonna do it, Do it, Tell ’em you Did it

I was reading Kitzie Stern’s Blog today and read about her marketing adventures and fun with Excel.


I have been working at the other end of the spectrum today.



(imagine dramatic music and reverb here:) Billing/Invoicing


I, too, would rather be voicing something like she mentions, yet, as I was thinking about it, a phrase came to my head that I hadn’t thought about in quite some time.


I first heard it sitting in Bill Dunnavant’s Office at WZYP in Huntsville, Alabama.


My Program Director, Bill West, was out for the day, and I was getting a quick introductory lesson on Marketing and Promotion. 


It came down to the quesion: How do you get as many listeners involved with a promotion as possible? 


The answer was this: 


Stu, You have to Tell em you’re gonna do it, Do it, Then Tell ’em You did it. 

You have to have all three parts!


It seems to me that it also applies to voice work as well.



*The VO work itself

*Invoicing and then maintaining contact!


The Three Headed Voice Monster! the three headed monster!



2 responses to “Tell ’em You’re Gonna do it, Do it, Tell ’em you Did it

  1. Hey Stu,

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and you’re right. Invoicing is the third part of the equation, and important one because without it you won’t get paid!

  2. Absolutely right! 🙂

    Thanks Kitzie!


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