Consistency, A Thick Skin and Continuous Learning

A few weeks back, I wrote a blog about Voice Over Success. I asked several questions that had been in a book I was reading by Scott Ginsberg.

Joe Szymanski posted his thoughts

So did Bob Souer.

Today, Kara Edwards chimes in!

Here are a couple thoughts from Kara:

…It also pays to be friendly and flexible. Working as a freelance actor/voice actor means I don’t have to adhere to staunch corporate rules. I can work with my client to meet their expectations. I have found no better marketing tool than simple word of mouth, therefore I give each project 100%…


There is no room for self doubt in this business. I’ve been blessed with a thick skin from years in radio, and I work to keep my confidence levels high…


…as a freelance non-union actor, it is up to me to put money back for my retirement. I have to keep my earnings and expenses organized, pay taxes, etc. The more business knowledge one possesses (branding, marketing, networking, book keeping, etc), the better the chances of overall success…

Thanks Kara!

You can read Her ‘full on’ answers here!

I’ve said it before, I love learning from people!


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