Passion, Talent and Marketing

I love reading Peter O’Connell’s Blog

Sometimes he just lays it out there, and that is very refreshing!

He, too, like some other VO folks, has come along to answer some questions I threw out a while ago about Voice Over Success, from a book I was reading by Scott Ginsberg.

Here are some of Peter’s thoughts on Question #1. (he is going to break them up into 4 different posts – a True Blogger – and another thing to learn 🙂 !


…When I get to visit with other voice talents and talk about the business I find pure enjoyment. I’m lousy at articulating it (I’m a VO, I need a script!) but I know it when I experience it…maybe you do too…


…Talent isn’t a habit but the best habits cannot replace talent…


…Basically, if you’re a voice talent, use your voice whether someone is paying you or not. Practice…


…If you had to focus on just one aspect of sales and marketing to make your VO business thrive, it is this: learn the internet…

Peter – Thanks for the posts, I’m looking forward to reading!


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