Great Day at GMA!

I had the pleasure of attending a day of “GMA” in downtown Nashville today. Its always good to be able to get out and see some friends and make some new acquaintances.


I ran into my friends from WAY FM, as well as Hope In Anguish radio.


Plus, I saw Alan Mason from Goodratings Strategic Services in the lobby of the hotel, and wanted to quickly introduce myself, plus thank him for his blog! (it’s a ‘Must Read’ for me!)


3 responses to “Great Day at GMA!

  1. Glad your enjoying the GMA. Lot’s of fun stuff down there. Maybe we’ll run into each other!

  2. Hey Pete!

    I’ll keep my eye out for you tomorrow!


  3. There’s a group on Facebook that all the cool radio peeps belong to called “GMA week is Hell.” I suspect they all secretly enjoy GMA week but that group makes them appear nonchalant and “I’m too cool to be bothered with a all-expense-paid vacation to Nashville”.

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