Voice Over Success RoundUp

I was origianlly going to write a “big post” summing up my thoughts on the input that fellow Voice Over actors Joe Szymanski, Bob Souer, Kara Edwards, Bobbin Beam and Peter O’Connell gave about Voice Over Success…


But, I changed my mind.


I did want to thank Joe, Bob, Kara, Bobbin And Peter for their time and thoughts. I really enjoyed reading the thoughtful comments and insight from VOs who are “in the trenches”.


If you would like to read the posts in the “series” – if you will – they are all listed here:


Post One – The Initial Questions to Fellow VO actors about “Success in VO”

Post Two – Joe Szymanski responds

Post Three – Bob Souer respoinds

Post Four – Kara Edwards responds

Post Five – Bobbin Beam responds

Post Six – Peter O’Connell responds

Post Seven – Peter O’Connell responds again

Post Eight – Peter O’Connell yet again!
Post Nine – Peter O’Connell wraps it up

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