The Pitiful Pair

 Its been an interesting week to say the least.

My wife, Red (her nickname), has been feeling terrible the last couple weeks.

When I returned home Monday from a trip, I noticed her eyes were very yellow. From watching House (how sad, and funny at the same time) we knew something was not right.

 Off to the Dr…and the Dr. Says… “no more monkeys jumpin on the bed” (not really)

 Possible Hepatitis, or Pancreatic Cancer.




So we had to wrap our heads around that for a couple days. 

Then the test results come back negative for Hepatitis.

She goes for a CT scan.

No Cancer. Thank God.

Gall Stones.

Big ole honkin’ ones that have caused Jaundice. (yellow eyes – and orange tint skin – think “spray on tan” – but really, you wouldnt’ notice if you didn’t know her)

There are now 2 procedures in the near future:

One for the removal of the first stone from a duct (on Monday)

One for the removal of the gall bladder (soon – not sure the date yet)

*on a personal note – I am dealing with the pain of a tooth that has to have a root canal (Tuesday – Of Course)

I call us the “Pitiful Pair”!!

A thought or a prayer for the Redhead would be appreciated!



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