You Control You


I was reading back over some old journal entries of mine from last year. I came across some interesting things that I had written…some thoughts, and various quotes all kind of jumbled together.


Here’s the first one:


You control You.

You can not control others.

You can not control the score.

“The Final Outcome”

You control You.

You control the effort you make.

Did you do your best?

Only You really know for sure.

You can fool others. Not yourself.

Did you give your all?

Take all the shots?

Give more than you are asked to give?

Were you a valuable resource?

Did you solve problems or did you create problems?

Did you serve?

Were you reliable?



A positive influence?

Did you encourage?

Were you selfless?

Did you play well with others?


Don’t fret the outcome.

Always Give your 100%.

Thats all you got.

You control your 100%.

You control You.


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