The ‘ole Studebaker gets an Upgrade


After much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth, I am excited to say that I now have as part of my voice arensal… an Avalon 737sp and an M-Audio Mobile Pre.


Its been a fun couple days tweaking the Avalon to get it to sound really nice. I have made a call to an engineer friend of mine who is going to come over and make sure that I have pushed all the correct hi-Q, EQ, FREQ etc. buttons!


2 responses to “The ‘ole Studebaker gets an Upgrade

  1. Sweeeeet!

    Gotta love new toys.
    Good luck with it.

  2. Congrats Stu!
    The 737 is one of my fave preamps. I’m sure it’ll serve you well.

    Definitely take your time with it though. Really digging into the EQ and compression will allow you to dial in VERY specific sounds. Otherwise you can get yourself into trouble pretty easy, and not sound so great…

    Have fun with it!

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