Great Time in the Old Town Last Night!

Bettye Zoller is in Nashville this week teach classes for the NATS conference, and last night she took on a handful of Voice over talent to talk about the business of VO.

What a great time!

Everything from Aftra to agencies, marketing and demos, setting rates and Character Voices… We really touched on alot of major aspects of the Voice industry.

It was great to meet Bettye and other talented folks from the Mid-South Like Clinton, Jerri, Philip, Angela, Jake, Lyle, Cathi and Beth. 

Bettye knows what she is talking about, and brings her real life experience to class. Its fun to hear VO stories from folks who have been at it, and been successful doing it!!

There were many nuggets of wisdom that I learned from the class, but the one that comes to mind first is this:

“You have to continue growing your business while doing your business”

I can keep working with the clients I have, but if I am not marketing myself and growing my business, my current clients could dry up…and then where would I be?

Up a stream with out the much needed paddle!!!

I look forward to keeping in touch with new VO friends and also joining Bettye in another class sometime in the future!!


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