Voice Over Lessons From Sam Walton

Great ideas come from every where if you just listen and look for them. You never know who is going to have a great idea.– Sam Walton


 For the past couple weeks, I have been picking up and putting down Made in America by Sam Walton of Wal-Mart fame.


I ran across the book at a garage sale, and had recently made a decision to start reading some biographies of people so I could do some learning. So I decided to buy it! (a bargain $.50)


It’s an autobiography that Sam Walton wrote late in his life, right before he passed away in 1992. I was suprised how interested I became in Wal-Mart’s beginnings, and the adventures that the early staff had to go through to succeed and grow.


The book is written in a documentary style, with different characters chiming in all throughout the book. Sam’s wife, Helen, his sons, his executive staff members, even people he competed against all have a voice throughout the pages. I could almost imagine watching this book on the History Channel!


It makes no difference if you are a fan of Wal-Mart of not, or if the policies and original procedures and ideas have changed since the book was written. This book contains some great wisdom from a man who was very good at business and really cared about his customers. He was able to achive great things with his team, and worked hard for his dream to be the best retailer he could possibly be.


Over the next couple posts, I am going to throw out some of Sam’s quotes, and maybe a quote or two from one of the other characters in the book, and see how they could apply to the Voice Over world:


“Constant Improvement”

“Eating What You Cook”


“Wal-Mart Culture”

“Wal-Mart Success”



All quotes are from “Sam Walton Made in America” by Sam Walton and John Huey, Bantam Books 1993


Do you have a book that I might like to read? If it pertains to the world of Voice Over, Creativity, Leadership or Marketing, I would gladly read and discuss it on the Creative Mouthpiece blog! Email me at stu (at) stugray (dot) com



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