Batman: The Dark Knight

I have always been a Batman fan, and I am really excited about The Dark Knight which opens on July 18.

Being a VoiceOver performer, I have continued to wonder how, or if, overdubs were required after the filming was complete. With Heath Ledger’s tragic death, the need to find someone else to do overdubbing for the Joker, I assumed, would be needed.

As I was reading this article in Entertainment Weekly online, Director Christopher Nolan says that most overdubs and reshoots weren’t neccesary.

Perhaps that is just hype (many times VO’s aren’t given “credit”), but perhaps not.

Either way, I can’t wait to see this movie!!

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3 responses to “Batman: The Dark Knight

  1. Hey Stu:

    Not into V-O, but I am a friend of Joe (The Voice Guy). Got to see The Dark Knight this weekend. It was long, but good. If you can sit still for longer than the usual length of a movie theatre movie and haven’t seen TDK yet, it’s worth the price of a ticket, popcorn and a drink!

  2. Hey, I actually read an article about this that said Ledger had just completed all of his looping/voiceover work for the film before he died. Apparently, the scenes that were shot with iMax cameras had to be ADR-d because those cameras were so loud they made the production audio unusable.

  3. Hey Brandon – Thanks for the comment! I finally saw TDK and loved it!

    Jon – I had not heard that about the iMax cameras. Thanks for the comment!


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