I Love Technology…But Not as Much as You, You See

Thoughts from the road…

* Very Cool that I can be between Jackson and Memphis Tennessee, connected to a blackberry (using as a modem) and can post to my blog

* Thankful that I could be part of a couple days worth of fundraising with my friends at Way-Fm in Nashville earlier this week

* Excited to be headed to Wichita Kansas, to be part of an event at the Wichita Children’s Theatre – the Theatre company where I first began performing and training in theatre as a kid

Happy that this trip includes seeing family – my grandparents (great grandparents to my son)(grandma’s 82 b-day!!) and my mom who will be in town as well

* Could Kid Rock not come up with an original song – he had to swipe ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ for his new tune ‘All Summer Long’?? ( I have heard that song on CHR stations, Country and Rock Stations so far on this trip. – Good for him – what do I know? 🙂

* Yes, even with Crazy gas prices, we are driving across country, Go figure

* More thoughts later…


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