Voiceover Insider for August

Recently I was selected to review Julie Williams’ new version of “How to Make Money in Voiceover, Even If You Dont’ Live in N.Y. or L.A.”

I enjoyed the opportunity to review these 5 cds, and WOW! I was blown away by all the information.

Here is my review for “H2MMIVO”:

“How to make money if Voiceovers”…is 5 cds PACKED with valuable information for the Voiceover Pro – at whatever level you might be.

I remember being told that if you invest in a product to improve yourself, and you get One good idea that you can implement, you have made a great decision on your purchase.
I have two plus pages of ideas to implement for my VO business after listening to “How to Make Money in VO…”.
This Audio Presentation/Course is terrific!!


I could not believe how up to date all the information is in these CDs. As I listened, I heard that there were at least two earlier versions of “How to make Money in VO…” previous to this one.


Well, Julie has lined up an all star cast to really give Voice Talent a genuine look at the industry ,plus, the most benefit for their money.
Who is in this program? Stephanie Ciccarelli, Jason Sikes, Frank Maranzino, Larry Maizlish, Krisitine Oller, Gabrielle Nistico and Robert Sciglimpaglia (say that one 5 times fast!). These interviews are filled with marketing tools and information that are so helpful to up and coming talent. I thought about who I believed was the most “useful” interview for me, yet looking thru my notes and ‘potential tools’ to implement, I learned something from every interview.


Julie’s experience in VO shows as well; she brings together so many marketing ideas from the ‘30,000 foot view’: SEO, Websites, an honest short take on Unions, legal aspects of the business, setting up your studio…I could go on and on, but I need to go back and listen again to hear what I missed the first time!




You can see more reviews in the August 08 Voiceover Insider from Julie Willams.






4 responses to “Voiceover Insider for August

  1. Thanks for the review Stu. I’ll add it to my list of purchases. Currently listening to Pat Fraley’s “Billion $ Read”

  2. Hi Stu: Julie is a great lady and no surprise that the info was outstanding. Thanks for the review.

    Brian in Charlotte

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Stu. I too have purchased Julie’s package set and there is good solid stuff for all skill sets. Thumbs up!
    Bobbin Beam- ISDN Voice Actress & Female Voice Talent

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