Yesterday Ended Last Night

What are the ramifications of really taking that thought to heart?

Yesterday ended last night.

– All is New Today

– Old Screwups of yesterday are Yesterdays Screwups

– Happy feelings can begin new and happy – not harsh and constricting

– Unsolved problems have a whole new day of fresh thinking ahead

– There are no ties to old wounds, old hurts, old habits

– Life CAN be different because yesterday is past

– New choices can be made

– New friendships, connections and alliances can be made

– Past hurts are healing

– Past hurts are further past

– You can acknowledge past screwups and move upon them to correct them

– You can start correcting past actions right away

– There are no blemishes from the past

– Good thinking can begin the day

– God’s mercy is new every morning

…Truth be told, I spend too much time being linked to the past, and bound by it. I don’t let it go that easily. I drag it into the present. But Yesterday ended last night.

How I easily forget.


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