On Motivation and Undefeated-ness

What an awesome Day Monday.

I was able to spend the morning and afternoon at a conference including speakers Rudy Giuliani, Gen. Colin Powell, Bruce Pearl (UT Men’s B-Ball Coach), Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Rick Beluzzo (former President of Microsoft) and others. It was a day full of Encouragement, Motivation and Leadership training.

Then Monday Night, my family was able to take in the Titans-Colts game!!! So much fun!!

When I moved to Nashville the first time, the Titans were transitioning from being the Oilers to the Titans, and just moving in to the “Coliseum”(now LP Field) after playing at the Vanderbilt Campus for a couple seasons. That also was the season that the Titans went to the Superbowl but couldn’t quite get it done!

Who knows – maybe this is the year they can get it done!?!? It will be fun to watch.

A very full and exciting day!

-*edited to include picture!*-


4 responses to “On Motivation and Undefeated-ness

  1. Brian in Charlotte

    I watched a bit of the game but didn’t see the “Thought Bubble” that says STU GRAY Creative in the stands anywhere!

  2. Yeah Brian, you are right.

    I really should get that made. That would be SWEET!


  3. Hey Stu,

    Great that you were able to combine business and pleasure! Here in Kelowna, BC Canada, Brian Tracy has a seminar in 3 days…yes, it is a small world:)

    Besides your blog on my blogroll, I also have the 2 pro sports teams I do voicework for:
    the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and hockey’s Buffalo Sabres. I update their records as they are both playing well! Tonight, “your” Nashville Predators are in Vancouver to take on my “local” team – the Canucks.


  4. Brian in Charlotte


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