I started thinking about Action..and then I decided to take action on the thoughts I was having.. this is the list so far…

Action reduces fear

Action is eloquence (Scott Ginsberg)

Action creates momentum

Action helps you learn

Action means more mess ups

means more learning experiences

Action means do it now

Action means don’t wait

Action not procrastination

Action determines value (Og Mandino)

is better than intention

Action fuels passion

Action moves you

Action moves others


One response to “Action

  1. Stu,
    I like this. A lot. When you’re in business for yourself, as we are in the voiceover world, this word, in its every intention is vital to my passion for this line of work. If I cannot act, I will not do. Therefore, I must act, so I can do what my passion dictates I must do.

    Self-fulfilling, indeed. Thanks for the inspiration, Stu.

    Bobbin Beam, Voice Actress

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