Merry Christmas!

As we come to Christmas time,
It’s always fun to get a little rhyme
To 2008 we say “toodle-loo”,
Here is what the Grays have been up to…

We could call ’08 “A Dog and Her Boy”,
Dean turned 3 and is a real joy
His doggy Boo is a really good friend,
They tear thru the house from end to end

Movies he likes, wow, there are many,
Shrek, Toy Story, VeggieTales a plenty
Cars is the newest favorite he’s seen,
Racing around like Lightning McQueen

“Mother’s Day Out” was new for him this fall,
He goes just two days, but it’s an adjustment for all!
He has new friends and three teachers as well,
His first Christmas program, he’ll sing ‘Jingle Bells’

There were big days this year for us to celebrate,
A trip to Arizona in April was great
My mom turned 6-0 (I hope she won’t mind me sayin’),
The grandparents just loved how much Dean was a playin’

Lisa’s Grandma made a big 80 this year,
She wanted to see Savannah GA… we said “Here Here!”
Grandma and Grandpa and Granny in tow,
We played on the beach and stayed in a bungalow!

In ’08 there were some crazy health matters,
Who new you could live without a Gall Bladder?
Well, Lisa found out after some crazy nights,
Her eyes turned yellow and her skin orange bright!

Other than that, Lisa’s business is great!
Helping find and sell houses in real estate
She loves to serve others and is a great mom,
If you’re moving this year check out!

As for me, Stu, I left fulltime radio,
Now I work from home in my studio
I use my voice for clients galore,
Voicing commercials, audio books & oh so much more!

We wish you many blessings at this time of year
As we remember why we celebrate with such cheer
As we close out this verse, we just want to say…
Merry Christmas to You
and Happy Holidays!!!


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