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The Creative Mouthpiece is changing locations

This is an exciting day for me!

After working on this for a while, and alot over this last weekend, I am ready to announce that this blog is moving addresses.

I am moving from wordpress over to my own website… so please bookmark this new address.

Also, you could subscribe to this blog thru feedburner here.

I will continue to post to this blog until the end of the year, and most likely will keep it up for a while until I get all the links changed over!!!


Dan O’Days New Blog

I was very excited this morning when I recieved an email from Dan O’Day saying that he had begun a new blog!

I have gone to Dan’s website over and over for resources and thought starters over the years, and was able to finally attend his Voiceover and Production Summit a couple years ago which was AWESOME!

I look forward to seeing how the blog goes!


This week there have been some AWESOME lists over at VOX DAILY !

Great Resources for Voice Over on




File Storage

These are great! Thanks Stephanie!!!

ZOHO Anyone?

Today I stumbled upon ZOHO! Maybe I am late in the game here, but it is pretty sweet!

ZOHO!They offer a full range of online office tools from a word processor (which I am using to write this post) to spreadsheet creator, web conferencing, online presentations, chat, mail, and even a planner. I am just looking around right now, but am really thinking this is pretty neat stuff. We’ll see how the post turns out on the blog!

Worpress Blogging

Working on the blog today – Changed the look a bit with a new theme from WordPress!

And have added a link to the right of “Nashville Voices”. Wanna give my Middle Tennessee Voice Pros some LOVE!

More to come!!