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Foxx Roxx, Thanks JOE the VO (guy)

A great find from My friend Joe Szymanski… Dave Foxx, creative service director at z100 talks about Branding fin an interview for the NAB on this video…check it out!

Great Find Joe! Thanks!



Just read a great post from Dave Courvoisier about Branding!

That just gets my juices flowing. I love reading about branding and marketing stuff. Not that I have been able to apply all of it, or am a great marketer by any means, but it gets my mind going about the potential of getting my name out there.

 And the best ways to do it.

I read Tom Peters The Brand You 50 last year, and need to go back to my notes from that book – maybe I’ll post some ideas from there at a later date.

I think Seth Godin says it well about marekting yourself /Branding. He says that Even when you don’t try, you’re telling a story.   Yes, I may be mixing marketing and branding, but I believe they are connected.

What story do you tell when you’re not telling someone else’s story? (Doing VO Work?)

Your brand is part of your marketing, and as I read Scott Ginsberg “the Nametag Guy” (who is great at branding and marketing) he says that our name is not the only important thing. Its also what people say AFTER our name that matters!

I heard Dave Foxx at Z100 also say very basically that a “brand” is just like what it was  years ago when farmers would BRAND their cattle…so everyone would know whose cows were whose! (wow, whose cows were whose? – that’s a great sentence.)

The “brand” identified the beef. But, the beef still had to be “quality enough” to be worth cookin’…or you just had wanderin, lowly cows…Right?