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The Creative Mouthpiece is changing locations

This is an exciting day for me!

After working on this for a while, and alot over this last weekend, I am ready to announce that this blog is moving addresses.

I am moving from wordpress over to my own website… so please bookmark this new address.

Also, you could subscribe to this blog thru feedburner here.

I will continue to post to this blog until the end of the year, and most likely will keep it up for a while until I get all the links changed over!!!


Thanks Stephanie!

What in the world is and Vox Daily’s Stephanie Ciccarelli doing checking out my fledgling blog?!?!!? 🙂

Well, she’ll tell you about it Here!

Wow – Thanks Stephanie!

How To Build Your Network in the First 5 Seconds

This is a great article from

The “Building Your Network “principle is simple:

Say something in the first couple seconds of meeting someone. (comment on something they are wearing, say a simple hello, find  a common topic quickly)

And do it wherever you are…At a bar, in the elevator, at a social networking gathering…etc.

If you don’t , it is much more difficult to initiate that conversation later (after you both have been sitting there or standing there in silence).

Ahh. So many wasted elevator trips.

WOW – what a difference thiscould make in my life and business, because my natural tendency is NOT to do this.

Being someone who does voice over work, it could revolutionize my business!

Thanks Ilise for your article!

Do you have sure fire ways to grow your network? I would love to hear!

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