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I Love Technology…But Not as Much as You, You See

Thoughts from the road…

* Very Cool that I can be between Jackson and Memphis Tennessee, connected to a blackberry (using as a modem) and can post to my blog

* Thankful that I could be part of a couple days worth of fundraising with my friends at Way-Fm in Nashville earlier this week

* Excited to be headed to Wichita Kansas, to be part of an event at the Wichita Children’s Theatre – the Theatre company where I first began performing and training in theatre as a kid

Happy that this trip includes seeing family – my grandparents (great grandparents to my son)(grandma’s 82 b-day!!) and my mom who will be in town as well

* Could Kid Rock not come up with an original song – he had to swipe ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ for his new tune ‘All Summer Long’?? ( I have heard that song on CHR stations, Country and Rock Stations so far on this trip. – Good for him – what do I know? 🙂

* Yes, even with Crazy gas prices, we are driving across country, Go figure

* More thoughts later…


The Pitiful Pair

 Its been an interesting week to say the least.

My wife, Red (her nickname), has been feeling terrible the last couple weeks.

When I returned home Monday from a trip, I noticed her eyes were very yellow. From watching House (how sad, and funny at the same time) we knew something was not right.

 Off to the Dr…and the Dr. Says… “no more monkeys jumpin on the bed” (not really)

 Possible Hepatitis, or Pancreatic Cancer.




So we had to wrap our heads around that for a couple days. 

Then the test results come back negative for Hepatitis.

She goes for a CT scan.

No Cancer. Thank God.

Gall Stones.

Big ole honkin’ ones that have caused Jaundice. (yellow eyes – and orange tint skin – think “spray on tan” – but really, you wouldnt’ notice if you didn’t know her)

There are now 2 procedures in the near future:

One for the removal of the first stone from a duct (on Monday)

One for the removal of the gall bladder (soon – not sure the date yet)

*on a personal note – I am dealing with the pain of a tooth that has to have a root canal (Tuesday – Of Course)

I call us the “Pitiful Pair”!!

A thought or a prayer for the Redhead would be appreciated!


I found out long ago… It’s a long way down the Holiday Road

Yes, Sometimes I feel like Clark Griswold on Vacation.

This week the posts might be a little light, due to the fact that we are celebrating my Mom’s Birthday in Arizona, then travelling back to Middle Tennessee.

I’ll post as soon as I am able!

Cleaning your House Before a Big Trip


My family is getting ready for a road trip.


A pretty big one as a matter of fact.


We are driving across the country for a big family get together. (more details later in the week – I don’t want to give it away if family happen to be reading 🙂


I am pretty excited about the possibilty of taking my VO equipment on the road and testing it out to see how it sounds in random hotel rooms across the midwest! This will be the first time that I have the setup to actually try it out.


But back to the point of my post.


There is a “phenomena” that happens in our house before any extended time away. And I don’t know if it is a common occurence amongst families, and/or those who travel alot.


Here is what happens:


We clean the house like there is NO TOMORROW! Or like the President (or some other high falutin’ celebrity) is coming to visit!


We rush around doing all the laundry, cleaning every nook and cranny, dusting, mopping, vacumming, sorting, folding, stacking, shuffling, various kibitizing until… Spotless.




To me this makes no sense.


I don’t know if this is something in the genetic coding of the Redhead (my wife), or if it is genetic coding for women in general.


I just don’t understand!!!!

The Tales of Fires:Jimmy Steele, Big Wave Dave and Sis

I just read an amazing email from Jimmy Steele over at Joe the Voice Guy’s Blog. Jimmy was my PD in Nashville when I was doing nights at WRVW a handful of years ago.

Last week, I spoke to my friend Big Wave Dave who does afternoons and images at 95.9 the Fish in LA. He also had tales of fires, and how the station was reaching out to support local firefighters during this intense time.

My sister and brother in law were also affected by the fires, working on a campground just outside of Ramona California. They aren’t sure how long the camp will be closed, and at last conversation, were wondering if they were going to be employed any longer.  

Fam And Friends in the Fire

I have been keeping an eye on the fires in California this week. My Sister and Brother in Law were evacuated on Sunday, and a voice over acquaintance has been evacuated as well. (there are several more – but haven’t seen their blogs on it just yet)

I remember being in LA my freshman year at USC and being able to see the burning hillsides from on top of a parking garage across the street from my dorm. This is much more intense, and the first time I have actually had family members in the line of “fire”…if you will.

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