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Fun Times in the Ville

The NRB Convention was in Nashville this past weekend, and I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow VO who was in town!

What a blast we had eating at Dickey’s B-B-Q and talking VO.

Brian Haymond is a class act!

I also had the privelege of meeting Rick Quevedo who owns RCQ Multimedia.

Rick had a SWEET DIY microphone that he pulled out during lunch, attached to his mp3 recorder, and we did an impromptu recording that might end up as a podcast one day! (Maybe Rick?) 😉

I heard Bob was in town, but unable to make it over for great BBQ – Maybe next time!

What a great day!!  (pic coming later!!!)


The Tales of Fires:Jimmy Steele, Big Wave Dave and Sis

I just read an amazing email from Jimmy Steele over at Joe the Voice Guy’s Blog. Jimmy was my PD in Nashville when I was doing nights at WRVW a handful of years ago.

Last week, I spoke to my friend Big Wave Dave who does afternoons and images at 95.9 the Fish in LA. He also had tales of fires, and how the station was reaching out to support local firefighters during this intense time.

My sister and brother in law were also affected by the fires, working on a campground just outside of Ramona California. They aren’t sure how long the camp will be closed, and at last conversation, were wondering if they were going to be employed any longer.  

How To Build Your Network in the First 5 Seconds

This is a great article from

The “Building Your Network “principle is simple:

Say something in the first couple seconds of meeting someone. (comment on something they are wearing, say a simple hello, find  a common topic quickly)

And do it wherever you are…At a bar, in the elevator, at a social networking gathering…etc.

If you don’t , it is much more difficult to initiate that conversation later (after you both have been sitting there or standing there in silence).

Ahh. So many wasted elevator trips.

WOW – what a difference thiscould make in my life and business, because my natural tendency is NOT to do this.

Being someone who does voice over work, it could revolutionize my business!

Thanks Ilise for your article!

Do you have sure fire ways to grow your network? I would love to hear!

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More Fire Frenzy…

Joe Szymanski ,over at his blog, posted a pic from a mutual friend of ours. WOW.

The picture is intense. Praying for lots of people right now.

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