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Regaining Passion in Your Life











Its getting hot. And not that ‘Dry heat’ that my parents always talk about in Arizona.

I’m talking heavy air hot. Cut it with a knife hot. And its just the beginning of June.

When it gets hot like this, I notice my grass beginning to turn yellow. It just dries up. To me, thats not so bad a deal because I dislike mowing.

But what happens when you dry out in your work?

If you feel dried up and yellow like my grass, here are some thoughts to add some water and nutrients to what you do:

1 – Do something Different – You can’t always change the place you work, but you can approach your work diferently. Choose to enjoy it. Choose to enjoy people. Solve a problem for someone. Be a servant. Its not all about you.

2 – Make Stronger Choices – Make a decision. Don’t let life happen to you. Happen to Life.

3 – Spend time discovering and rediscovering what you like and don’t like. Explore your house, neighborhood, town, city, state, country…Go back to what you loved as a child and rediscover a piece that you lost when you grew up.

4 – Take Action. So what. Just Do it.“The Art will teach you how” -anon . (see numbers 6 and 7)

5 – Don’t make excuses. (See number 4)

6 – Quite worrying about great results. The results will take care of themselves if you make every day your masterpiece and work your hardest to perform at your best in all situations. How are you performing today? Stop looking at the scoreboard. Show up and produce something.

7 – Be content to make crap first. “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly first” – Roy H. Williams. Take the time to get good. Perhaps you fail thousands of times before you make a lightbulb (Edison), perhaps you lose many races before you become president (Lincoln).

8 – Take Action. So what. Just do it. Action cures Fear.

9 – Consciously fill your well. What fills you up? Solitutde? Movies? Books? Time with Friends? (go back to number 1 from above – take in a new restaurant, new magazine, new place to hang out.)

10 – Work on You. Increase your value to the marketplace. Learn something about your craft, your vocation. Become the best you you can be.

11 – Write it down. Thoughts, Dreams, Goals…”if I put it on the page, it’s only a matter of time before I put it into practice” – Julia Cameron

12 – Take Action. Procrastination is just fear. Kill fear by acting.

How do you get past your dry spells?
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Voice Over Success RoundUp

I was origianlly going to write a “big post” summing up my thoughts on the input that fellow Voice Over actors Joe Szymanski, Bob Souer, Kara Edwards, Bobbin Beam and Peter O’Connell gave about Voice Over Success…


But, I changed my mind.


I did want to thank Joe, Bob, Kara, Bobbin And Peter for their time and thoughts. I really enjoyed reading the thoughtful comments and insight from VOs who are “in the trenches”.


If you would like to read the posts in the “series” – if you will – they are all listed here:


Post One – The Initial Questions to Fellow VO actors about “Success in VO”

Post Two – Joe Szymanski responds

Post Three – Bob Souer respoinds

Post Four – Kara Edwards responds

Post Five – Bobbin Beam responds

Post Six – Peter O’Connell responds

Post Seven – Peter O’Connell responds again

Post Eight – Peter O’Connell yet again!
Post Nine – Peter O’Connell wraps it up

From Peter’s Future VO Book, That You Shouldn’t Read! (According to Peter!)

Today Peter comes out a shootin’ on Question number four from a post a while back about Voice Over Success.

A couple of straight from the hip quotes:


…to be successful in voiceover, you have to be able to perform and performance comes from doing not reading a book (unless it is out loud)…


…If going to VO class feels like a chore, stop! Get off the voice over horse. You’re done…


…You have to want it, this voice over dream. Thousands share that great passion every day. The art of performance has to be so deep within you that you dream about doing the work, not making piles of money or dating Scarlett Johansson…


A HUGE Thanks to Peter for taking 4 days and 4 posts to answer these questions!

 I’ll wrap up and summarize in my next post!

Advice to a Young Grasshopper

Peter O’Connell continues answering questions on Voice Over Success with this post… to a younger, more innocent version of himself!

Here are a couple quotes:

 …Humor is good, obnoxious is bad. Learn the difference quickly…


 …build on that talent by learning from everyone in your industry, even the idiots (if they go left, you go right…don’t do what they do)…


Flexibility and patience will be in great demand throughout your life and it will test you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally…

Read the whole post here!

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Woulda Coulda Shouldas

Peter O’Connell is back again with another post from the four questions that I threw out a couple weeks ago about Voice Over Success.

Here are a couple thoughts from his answer to the 2nd Question…


…Learning from history but not dwelling on it was one of the first thoughts that came to mind with this question. The wouldas, shouldas and couldas of this business can haunt you…


…learn from the mistakes but also learn to let go of the mistake. If your business is in a lull, don’t think about the wouldas, shouldas and couldas but rather the “ares” and “ams”…

More on “Ares and “Ams” and managing the business here.

Passion, Talent and Marketing

I love reading Peter O’Connell’s Blog

Sometimes he just lays it out there, and that is very refreshing!

He, too, like some other VO folks, has come along to answer some questions I threw out a while ago about Voice Over Success, from a book I was reading by Scott Ginsberg.

Here are some of Peter’s thoughts on Question #1. (he is going to break them up into 4 different posts – a True Blogger – and another thing to learn 🙂 !


…When I get to visit with other voice talents and talk about the business I find pure enjoyment. I’m lousy at articulating it (I’m a VO, I need a script!) but I know it when I experience it…maybe you do too…


…Talent isn’t a habit but the best habits cannot replace talent…


…Basically, if you’re a voice talent, use your voice whether someone is paying you or not. Practice…


…If you had to focus on just one aspect of sales and marketing to make your VO business thrive, it is this: learn the internet…

Peter – Thanks for the posts, I’m looking forward to reading!