Who Is Stu Gray?

Stu was a performer at a very young age. At the age of two, he was in front of a camera doing print advertising. By 5, he was in Creative Dramatics classes.

Fast forward to being on stage (Off-Broadway was SO close to Broadway!), performing in commercials (TV and Print), being a Fox Kids Club Host, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from a Women’s College (That’s not a typo…and it’s a great story) and then on to being a Radio Personality in several cities across the country. Wow.

All through those crazy days playing the tunes on the airwaves he was behind the scenes honing his voice skills. Stu took every opportunity to be in the dark dingy production rooms of many radio stations including those in Nashville TN, Cape Girardeau MO, Kingman AZ, Wichita KS, Columbia MO, Ft. Wayne IN, Huntsville AL, New Orleans LA, and Savannah GA.

Now as a fulltime Voice Actor, Stu enjoys teaming with people to tell their stories in a unique and engaging way!

You can check Stu out on Voice123.com or at Voices.com

Contact Stu today for more information or to request a custom audition!





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6 responses to “Who Is Stu Gray?

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  5. But I still don’t feel like I really know who this “Stu Gray” guy is…..I mean…does he really even exist? I think he might be some weird computer virus that THINKS it’s Stu gray. Anyway…just my two cents.

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