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The 12 Days of Christmas Posts – Day 10 and 11

I’m coming to the end of my 12 Days of Christmas posts – 12 posts from diffferent bloggers who really inspired me this year…and I thought might inspire you as well…

If you like to write – this might be an enjoyable post from Leo Babauta at Write to Done…on how to find inspiration for your writing!

And since I missed yesterday, I wanted to go ahead and post the 11th day of Christmas post too!

Michael Hyatt is the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and has a great blog

Here is a post he wrote about “creating a life”…great stuff!

(Remember, I will stop posting to this blog address at the end of 2008, the new Stu Gray blog is located here!)


How to get to WOW!

I read a great post¬†from Thomas Nelson’s CEO Michael Hyatt this morning.

It relates his experience on going to see two movies that were…well… underwhelming from his perspective.

He relates how “Good is not Good enough”. And how to think through¬†going from Good to WOW in the service you provide.

His thoughts are very useful for me, being someone who provides a service to clients!

A great read!

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